Brake Repair & Replacement


Most vehicles owners are more concerned with whether or not their car will start and go and therefore the brake system is often taken for granted. Being able to stop your vehicle is just as important as getting it to run. That’s why we offer brake inspections for all makes and models. Your brakes should not be an afterthought especially when that thought comes after an accident caused by a faulty braking system.
Your brake pads are just one part of your complete braking system. Most drivers let their brake pads wear all the way through before getting them replaced. This results in metal to metal contact causing more friction and heat than your brakes can handle. The heat is what causes your rotors to become warped and in need of refinishing.
To avoid these costly services it is important to get your brakes checked regularly, especially if you are experiencing any of the following symptoms of brake repair:
  • Screeching or Squealing
  • Excessive Vibrations when applying your brakes
  • Your steering wheel pulls to the left or right when coming to a halt
Feel free to stop on by where we will be happy to double-check the work you’ve done at home to make sure your vehicle can safely transport you and the people you care about.
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