Emissions Inspection


The Maryland "Vehicle Emissions Inspection Program" VEIP requires that our vehicles be checked every two years. A notice is mailed about a month in advance so there is plenty of time to have your vehicle checked. If you wait past your notice time then the cost doubles from $14 to $29. (Plus, a new $15 penalty fee is assessed every four weeks.) The emissions test takes only take a few minutes. You are likely to spend more time waiting for the test. Try going mid-month and in the middle of the morning or afternoon to cut down your wait time. Another option is to check out the lines before you go. The Maryland VEIP website has a page that feeds in a picture of the lines, so that you can avoid going if there is a long wait.

You should be aware that there are several parts to an emissions test; the inspector checks for: leaking fluids, excessive smoke, any sign that there has been tampering with the exhaust system, a properly fitting gas cap, badly worn tires, and any dashboard warning lights. So if your car's “check engine light” is on, do not take your car to be emissions tested because it will fail! Instead, visit an authorized emissions repair facility, and have them check out why your car’s check engine is on.

The check engine light is a visual signal from your car's computer testing system or On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) system. If there is a problem in the operation of your car’s emissions control system then the “check engine light” will come on. A certified emissions repair shop can hook up a computer and download the emissions data. The data will contain one or several trouble codes depending on the extent of the problem. The codes can tell a skilled auto mechanic the area of the problem(s). If your check engine light is on, you can stop by our Carzone Service Center for a free scan, but this is only the first step in properly diagnosing the problem.
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